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Session 9 Covid Casualties

Covid Casualties: The friends are here, it's the papers that got away. No dogs were involved in eating these papers. We are sharing abstracts  for papers that were to be part of the Symposium. This is to honour the good intentions of these Symposiasts and to share their current work.  Chat and questions about their work and these topics very welcome. 

  • Helen Benny 

How to cook an albatross: the place of culinary traditions in the modern world

  • Xan Chacko

Painting Pommes and Putrefaction: A challenge to the supremacy of visual representation

  • Tania Cammarano and Lilly Cleary

​The romance and the glamour: a flâneur through Italian Brisbane

  • Bev Laing 

Eat the Curriculum : How should we educate a young gastronomer?

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