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Sunday Means Scones

A  Zoom Chat & Jam 

10am for 10.30 am  19 July 2020

ZOOM in on time for our Sunday Morning Keynote with Duncan Welgemoed

 then stay for Scones & Chat to wind up the Covidium.

We'll email a link to all ticket holders. 

Sunday Morning Scones & Chat : Speakers
Duncan Welgemoed, Photograph by Josh Gle

Sunday Morning Keynote
Amy Colli with Truth Teller Duncan Welgemoed

Duncan Welgemoed is a force to be reckoned with. Considered one of Australia’s best (adopted) cooking talents. 

Over the years, he's become Adelaide's official spirit animal – mythical beast, troublemaker, conversation starter. His latest restaurant, Africola, tells a story close to his heart.

It has since been awarded 4.5/5 Australians by The Australian’s food editor John Lethlean, featured in countless magazines, newspapers and TV shows around the world and frequented by rockstars and celebrities alike.

Photograph by Josh Geelen

Sunday Morning SCONE TIME

Presentations, Pandemics, Pumpkins, 

Reflections & Next Symposiums.

Add Your Topic to the Agenda at the link below. 

Zoom session opens for scones and chat at 10am, and incorporates our Keynote with Duncan,

the chat, and the scones continue on after that. 

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