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BNE Saturday Sessions 


Q&A with the Presenters


9:00 AM Paul Van Reyk Queer Eye for the Moloney Guy


9.30 AM Jacqui Newling Senses and Sensibilities, Pride and Prejudices of a Culinary Persuasion.


10:00 AM Jacqulyn Evans “Aww yuck but thanks”: Embracing the aesthetics of the kombucha symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY)


MORNING TEA SESSION  Its not a break, it is a performative symposium presentatipn

10.30 AM Amie Sexton & Colette Geier Let them eat cake!


11.30 AM Neil Gow The Rise of Immersive Dining


12:00 PM Diana Noyce The Fresh Food Revolution; Challenging the Ethics of Paddock to Plate


12.30 PM Catherine Lockley Neurogastronomy, Nutrition and Nigella: Hedonic narrative as the central pillar of nutrition science and communication”

forum :



1:00 PM LUNCH/ Amy Colli with Yen Trinh & Ben Devlin


2:00 PM Melanie Narciso Eat Softly Now: An Anthropological Chewing of Pampango Rice Preference Transitions


2.30 PM Hilary Heslop Can the History of Turning Staples into Icons be the Saviour of our Food Future?


3:00 PM Alison Vincent Food media and the shaping of taste: authenticity, exoticism, and categories of recommendation.


3.30 AM Jennifer Alden Edible Bendigo - Reclaiming Foodscapes and their role in the Future of Gastronomy


4:00 PM Leo Pang Organic Food, Aesthetics and Distinction: Farmers' Markets Displays in Shanghai


5:00 PM Max Dingle OAM MOUTH

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