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Reclaiming the Pumpkin Scone

A true child of Queensland, the Pumpkin Scone has suffered many indignities. 
Here we examine the history and sad demise , but ongoing love for,  the Pumpkin Scone.
Reclamation is our Goal.

Reclaiming The Pumpkin Scone: News
Flo Scone IMG_1623.jpg

The Pumpkin is the Political

We know, it's Queensland and It seems fitting to enjoy pumpkin scones at our traditional symposium morning tea on Sunday. 

However,  for many of us Flo Bjelke Peterson casts a long dark shadow over the classic Queensland fare.


In an attempt to disentangle the pumpkin scone she made famous from the matriarch of conservative politics, we’ve done a little research.   >>>>>>





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