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Symposium Super  Saturday Smash

Catch up & Zoom In  

Q What is the amount of avocado smashed on a Saturday while Brisbane does Brunch ? 

All Day 18th July 2020

Performance Pieces take up though the day. Zoom in with presenters to go deep on the papers. Catch up on Papers.

Symposium Saturday : Speakers

Logical Creativity 

Saturday 1.00pm BYO Lunch 

Amy Colli with Yen Trinh & Ben Devlin 

Tropical Leaves
mouth_red lips.JPG

Max Dingle OAM

Saturday 5pm Cocktail Time 


QandA chats with Presenters

9:00 am

Paul Van Reyk

9.30 AM

Jacqui Newling

10:00 am

Jacqulyn Evans



10.30 AM

"Let them Eat Cake" 

Amie Sexton & Colette Geier


QandA chats with Presenters

11.30 AM

Neil Gow

12:00 pm

Diana Noyce

12.30 PM

Catherine Lockley


Have a Break and Enjoy

Amy Colli in Conversation with Yen Trinh & Ben Devlin 

(on demand, not a live zoom; not available till  Saturday) 


QandA chats with Presenters

2:00 pm

Melanie Narciso

2.30 PM

Hilary Heslop

3:00 pm

Alison Vincent

3.30 AM

Jennifer Alden

4:00 pm

Leo Pang


Go Fill Your Glass & See You Back Here at 5pm 



5:00 pm


Max Dingle OAM

Writing on a Notebook
Table Setting for Wedding

The Elephant in The Dining Room

Party Time -
Will There Be A Symposium Dinner ?


Not As We Know It. 

the need to keep nimble  mindful of changing

covid safety kinda nixxed that.  

For those in Brisbane

Please Message Us 

for details of a small local gathering

for drinks and early bites, drop in or stay  

4.30pm - 7pm Saturday

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Amie Sexton & Colette Geier

Saturday 10.30am BYO Cuppa 


Let them eat cake!

Increasing creativity, communication and collaboration through cake.

Colette Geier & Amie Sexton


How can sensory pleasure lead to better ideas? Does titillating the senses help us to communicate and collaborate? If an army marches on its stomach, does a revolution rise from its tastebuds?

There is a consistent link between the evolution of gastronomy and creative collaboration. By comparing the biomedical processes involved in appetite and sensory motivation with the anthropology of baked goods, we can better understand how our biology has shaped civilisation and the creative process. Just how does the combination of flour, butter, eggs and sugar help us connect with others and how can we use this knowledge to create better creative collaborations in the future? 

A tasty journey sure to titillate both the minds and the mouths of the audience. 

Please bring a piece of cake to the session as you will be guided through a sensory tasting activity.

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